Question about long hauls

Can I sleep during the cruise of my longhaul. Taking off at Heathrow at 1am and landing in jfk at 7am

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Indeed you can! I do it quite frequently infact…

Just make sure you have enough fuel, and you should be good to go. Happy flying!


Just male sure you have alarm on and altitude is odd(you are flying east)

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West actually, so needs an even altitude. Speaking of which, go to a sensible altitude for the weight of the plane after takeoff, like FL340 or FL360 - don’t immediately go up to FL400 as you run the risk of it crashing. Monitor your climb until cruise is reached.

LHR-JFK is a rather short flight for an overnight though, given you should be getting 8 hours sleep between reaching cruise altitude and starting your descent. LHR-LAX/SFO may be better.


Oh sorry it was from egll

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Easy way to remember which altitude to use is the saying, east is least west is best. So odd number altitude if your heading is 0° To 180° and even if your 181° to 359°.

Thanks gunna do lhr to lax tonight

Good luck with the flight! I try to make sure I’ve factored in time for me to wake up properly with over night long hauls. I once woke up, checked my phone and realised I needed to descend immediately. I was still groggy and it didn’t go well, 5-10 minutes later I’d of had the sense to widen out my approach to allow for the descent!

We live and learn!

I would sleep for only about half of the hour your flight takes and make sure to know your ETE. Make an alarm and plug your phone/device in to the charger.

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Check out my response from a similar post

Sometimes I’m afraid about my devices battery when I’m doing this

My tablet has about 6 payments left on a 2 year plan and , well need another

London heathrow to JFK is west not east

I usually pack a little extra fuel if I know I’m going to be sleeping. That way if you over sleep, you might’ve overflown your destination - but at least you’re still flying and don’t have any violations.

For me to prepare a sleeping long haul (What I call it lol) is these steps.

  1. Check what flight I would like to do. If I wanted to Start at 9PM and wake up at 9AM, I would have to do a 12 hour flight.
  2. Set fuel right, low battery mode.
  3. Make sure your phone is charged in and no Updates for phone happen overnight and shut off all notifications. | If an update for example comes up, it pauses your flight
  4. Takeoff and set an alarm
  5. Sleep

It is advisable to sleep when you are doing a long haul flight. Because by sleeping we can rest for several hours. So that we don’t get too saturated when the flight takes place.

Updates 🤦🏼‍♂️ Nothing more frustrating than putting in all the work, getting in the air, falling asleep, waking up expecting to have a few minutes to get ready for the decent, and then seeing the dreaded pause screen and you’re still 9 hours from your destination. Happened to me last week 😖

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For western altitude that are used are even. Not an odd altitude, if we fly eastward. We can use odd altitude. Because in my opinion it is a rule that has been set in flight. And step climbs must also be done when the flight takes place. Correct me if I am wrong, or you can also add it :)

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