Question about Live subscription.

I’m only doing monthly Live payments until I get settled in to my new job and I’m just wondering. I’m coming up to the end of my first month. It won’t let me make another Live payment until I run out of the 6 days I have left (App Store). If it runs out, will I lose my info and why do I have to wait until my 6 days run out before I can add another month? I refuse to renew through the IF website. It took my money last time and didn’t get my month.

You will not lose your stats once your Live runs out. If you refuse to purchase through the website, simply wait 6 days, and then you will be able to either purchase Live or Live+. :)


No sir if the Monthly Live subscription expires your account statistics will not vanish away. And yes sir once the 6 days are over then only you can buy another Monthly or yearly live subscription.

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Sounds good to me. Wanted to be sure. Thank you.

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