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I am deciding whether to get IF Live, Pro, etc. I just have a question: Am I able to do other things on my device while my aircraft is flying to my destination? In addition, am I able to turn off my device to save battery, or must it remain on for the whole duration of the flight?

You can use spilt screen if you have ios11.
Here’s a tutorial.

Your device must remain on throughout the flight, so I recommend that you just plug it in :)

You mustn’t turn off your device during a flight. It is also not recommended to jump between apps while flying, otherwise you might get some connection problems.

If you have an iPad Pro, you can use the multitasking function.

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The device needs to be on during flight. Multitasking can be done if you’re using iPad where some apps can be brought over the screen or watch videos, but split screen views in iOS or Android aren’t supported currently. Regarding battery saving are options to limit frame rate, turn off anti-aliasing and power saver mode to decrease rate of battery drain.

However, IF Pro is very much interesting to fly all around the world in multiplayer mode. If you’re worried of device performance or longer time periods, you can opt for short hop flights between airports you love.

You can participate in events and in Expert servers, weekly events are more fun than you ever imagined.

You dont have any other choice. The device must remain open until you wish to close it. Therefore there is a button in the settings which says enable automatic low power and is used for long flights and you wish to save battery. But as @angrybird said, IF has a variety of airports all over the world,which you can select for short time flights.
You should also not forget the stunning scenery which enables you to make your flight more realistic and have a great time flying all over the world…👍

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