Question about LDSP

Hello There IFC, I’m here to ask a question( as you can tell) about LDSP, specifically the RNAV Visual 23 Approach. I would like to know if there is any specific topic for the fpl or even a tutorial for it. I wasn’t able to find one when searching

I plan to do a flight soon at LDSPand doing RNAV 23 is something I would like to do but isn’t possible without the fpl for it.



Hello there! Do you need like a generated flight plan where you can copy and paste? If so I have linked the two I use often. :)

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I was trying that but it wasn’t working unfortunately

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Ah ok I got I will look on YouTube. If there is like a video about it. If not I will make one. Lol

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Thanks, good luck on it!

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Well I found the charts online so this can be closed ig

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