Question about landing gear deployment

It would be nice to have those pilots who fly commercial airliners weigh in, rather than a collection of different IF pilots’ best guesses. (I’m including myself in that group; I’m not a pilot. I just deploy between 5-4 miles, because that’s what a pilot told me. Airplanes are different though, and may be differences for VMC/IMC, etc.)


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I usually do it at 1500’ AGL.

I personally think that is way to low. I guess IF always will work(no gear break downs like in real life), but if you want a realistic experience you definitely want to do it higher

Just looked at another forum.

They say 2500-3000 AGL, or 6-10 nm from threshold of the runway.


Depends on aircraft & approach. If the aircraft I’m flying takes a while to bleed off airspeed I’ll put the gear & flaps down further out to help me slow down so I’m on speed once I get close to Runway.

If I’m flying in the pattern I’ll definitely have it down before I enter the downwind leg to ensure I’m set up for my final approach.

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I typically do it between 5-10 NM out depending on different factors.

Something that might help.


I always just lower my landing gear on final! I see real airplanes doing this, so I assume it is correct! :)

Really anytime, but mainly on final. So 10-7 Nautical Miles (NM) out. Don’t do this though: ;)


I put the gear down usually when I enter the final pattern.

Personally, (even though it’s probably wrong), I use the landing gear so its position (on approach) depends on the flap setting. When I increase the flaps from 10/2 to 15/3, I extend the gear.

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Normally right before I turn the Autopilot Off. 5-8 miles out.

I deploy mine at amount 5.0-5.5nm out gives me plenty of time.

It really depends on the wind, or if you want to create more air drag, the landing gear will help you.
If you are doing a perfect approach, I would usually put it down at 1500 feet on final.

Diverse topic indeed, im no pilot but i do it between 5-10miles.

10miles when im focussing on more flying.

5-6miles when im stabilised on final.

I usually have plenty of time since im about 100-140kts or so.

When you’re below VLE, and before you touch down there you go. For specific aircraft refer to the POH.


@Brandon_Sandstrom explain what VLE is for the non real life pilots… let’s make post education here. That is all.

A person who is unwilling to put forth the effort to educate them selves will never learn nor comprehend the information. The abbreviations where on purpose. Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he can eat for life.


I spoke to a Delta CRJ pilot once, he said the average distance they do it is around 5-6 miles out, so thats what I do. He also told me that at around 5 miles out everything on the aircraft should be ready and set for landing.