question about landing a plane whithout appr

Hello,I have this question that I have been looking all around but haven’t found the answer yet; when you are flying a plane whithout the APPR option, what do you tell aprroach when asking for landing?do you request landing on the ILS/gps/visual…or it doesn’t matter? Thank you for reading

You can request ILS if the approach is ILS (red cone) and GPS if it’s a white cone. Visual can be used if you’re going to align yourself with the runway (Visual Approaches)


You simply aren’t using the “auto-land” feature of the aircraft when doing this. If you are still flying using the horizontal and lateral indicators (near compass and altitude indicator) you are still flying the ILS/GPS.

You could fly an ILS approach in a C172 or any other aircraft without APPR, and it would still be ok.

The ILS/GPS is different to APPR. ILS/GPS is simply the approach localiser use to guide the aircraft down to the runway, while the APPR feature is what the actual aircraft uses to land the plane by automatically flying the localiser that is set

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Try firstly to use APPR and switch it off 2 Nm before touchdown…

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What is the difference between ILS and GPS

ILS gives guaranteed terrain clearance, but GPS does not.


Here’s a very detailed link to what the difference is

Difference between ILS and GPS Approaches

The article discusses GPS approaches under different names so it may confuse you.

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This tutorial covers all types of airport approaches, with and without radar controller. Hope this helps


Thank you all for your replies, one less mystery😆

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