Question about joining IFATC

haahh my bad forgot to swtich from last flight

hahahhaah oh my god

Do you know how to use trim or is it your first time using GA aircraft 😂😂

im never flying small planes ever again

I never use GA i literally dont know how to use em hahah

You want me to do patterns

yes pls ill take tower

Same airport or you want to choose one in your region (where-ever that is)

we can do same i dont mind, or then we could do LFBO

so i can reopen my thread

We can do LFBO so you can open your thread! I will do about 10-20 landings then hop off for a bit but I might come back on so you’ll see a message!

sure thing! opening my thread now

Since it’s class bravo airspace do you mind if I use an A319 or 737?

Ik pattern works aren’t really in planes like this unless it’s a test flight is unlegit but it’s IF!

I prefer a319’s and 737’s so you can pick either one!

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my thread is open so feel free to check all the info there

Goodness, this got off-topic haha

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has responded, I’ll defintely look into joining IFATC.

It still relates to ATC…anyways good luck!

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Thanks for the pattern work at LFBO and your welcome for the pattern I gave you. On the last Approach into LFBO I had a late clearance given and one more thing you told me to enter Right Base for Runway 14R when I was on downwind (they’re the opposite of what you said). Good Job either way, if you stay on for the next 20-30 minutes I will hop back in and do a long haul flight to Australia my home Country!

Oh my bad, I’ll take those into account next time, thank you for giving me the feedback really. I’ll be here for a long time so just hop in whenever you’re ready for your flight home!