Question about joining IFATC

im joining ysbk now!

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Roger Dodger

I’ll be on for a bit cause I need to do some other stuff relating to VATSIM then I’ll hop back after probably around 0930z

GOTCHA whoopps caps. umm but u got a tracking thread?

Yeah. Also the runways you departing off is wrong but

Change to runway 29R & 29L

It´s not only the operations! You can have 5000 and you do it wrong everytime. Check the ATC Manuel or maybe aks some ATC People to join on your Airport and give you Feedback.

pls post the thread here so i can check it

hahah nvm i cant use the tbm

i need to switch plane ‘‘cry’’

Thanks for that. I understand the concept so I am alright :)

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I can tell cause your stalling

Haha yeah rly got hit with the stall. Whats the biggest plane i could use there? A318?

Negative. Bankstown airport here in Australia is Delta Airspace so you’d expect GA aircraft

Roger that, can you link your tracking thread

I cant find your tracking thread? It should be on your profile

lets see how this goes haha. I never use small planes

Oh yeah that’s right my apologies oops. That tracking thread is on the topic above :)

Your callsign with heavy is so unlegit

I cant get this plane up what the -