Question about joining IFATC

I’m thinking about joining IFATC, but I would like to know if it’s worth it and what it’s like. I would also like to know if it will crash on my device (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1).



IFATC is just the regualar training server ATC except it’s more professional. If your phone is able to handle busy airports like Los Angeles (KLAX) on the training server the. Your device will be fine controlling airports when you join IFATC.

As for is it worth it? Totally, IFATC will actually give you realistic ATC experience and you will also be dealing with professional pilots.


How long is training?

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Depends, the written is u can take it when you want and the training is optional but I believe from friends that are in IFATC it is a few weeks but you can skip training and open a tracking thread, some do both

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It is, but the amount of visible aircraft turned down.

That’s also fine. Radar screen should be enough. I’ve included a post below that has all the info you need :)

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thanks! that helps a lot

Hi there!

I would 100% recommend you to join IFATC if you meet the requirements. It’s been my main focus in Infinite Flight for a while now. I’ve met many people and it’s great fun.

First of all, you get the chance to control on the expert server, where there is a more realistic enviroment compared to the training server.

IFATC is a very professional and well structured organization. You start slow, as an apprentice, and you will slowly climb through the ranks.

This shouldn’t be a problem. I know many IFATC who control on their phones without any problems. A strong connection is recommended, though.


As Populex_Music said, it depends. I’ve seen many people getting into IFATC very quickly but like me, it could take a while.

Once you apply and your recruiter verifies that you meet all the requirements, he will give you a link to the written test and if you pass with a score of 80% or above, the recruiter will schedule a Practical Exam.

You mainly train for your practical test, but don’t underestimate the written test.

To prepare yourself for the practical test, there are many resources available. Review the ATC manual, watch the “Perfect ATC test” video and I highly suggest to enroll in ATC training.

ATC training is never useless, as you will be trained by an official IFATC trainer who will teach you not only the basics, but also many tips that could be helpful once you will control in the expert server.

If, for some reasons, you don’t want to enroll in ATC training, an ATC tracking thread could be useful. You can create it in the #atc category where you can announce opening on the Training Server and request pilots from IFC members.


I would 100% highly recommend it. Not only do you get to control on the Expert Server but it is a great experience. You will also meet some great people at IFATC from around the World.

I really enjoy being a part of IFATC and I’ve met some great people. I recommend that you apply!

You shouldn’t have any issues with your Samsung tablet.



Great! Thanks guys, I’m already practising at EGLL!

I would advise against practising at the large hub airports as there are often plenty of trolls.

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yes i’ve experienced 3 already - switching airports now

Hy! As an ATC i can only tell you to try it. It took me 3 Days to made the tests, and now i operate every day.

Train on the big hub´s on training read and learn the ATC Manuel, and then sign up! Nothing happen if you will not pass.

And if you pass its up to you how often you will contorol. I think there is only the minimum of once a month.

Have a nice one


Try not to train at big hubs on training server (like KLAX, EGLL etc.). Try opening airports with parallel runways and airports with 2 runways that intersect each other as these airports may be used in the practical exam. Also IFATC is really fun, although I left I am trying to get back in. It’s a good experience and it makes being on the expert server a whole lot better. Good luck :)


I understand that IF is different to the network I use called VATSIM but I’m a pretty long member of VATSIM so I reckon doing the IFATC test will be fine!

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I’d probably open up YSBK (Bankstown Airport as it has 3 runways Parallel).


In fact I might as well open Training Server now YSBK!

OPR: Parallel Operations in Progress
Runways: 11L & 11R for Departures and Arrivals, 11C closed. Pattern Work Only expect visual app

Where do I start…

IFATC is one of, if not the best opportunity for you to take up in Infinite Flight. The amount of people, the amount of life skills that I have grown and developed and the endless opportunity for progression and helping others out is something that makes IFATC what it is today. You also get to meet some amazing, and I mean truly amazing people from all walks of life, including the IFATC Manager, Tyler.

Without Tyler, I wouldn’t be not only where I am today in Infinite Flight but in real life as well. I was a trouble maker in the past, but Tyler and the rest of the team not only gave me a second chance, but they gave me a third and a fourth chance and I took it as a learning experience and I personally believe that I bettered myself as a person through this experience. Without this experience, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

TLDR: IFATC is amazing, Tyler the IFATC Manager is amazing, join IFATC because it’s amazing!


I need to look more into that Trust Level thingy on the forum which I have on another tab read that and understand it. Once I get that I can take this test. I have more than enough operations - > 1812