Question about Instrument Rating training and IF

For those that know about instrument rating or have gotten it, is there any way IF has helped you train for your rating? If so, how has IF helped with your instrument rating? Also, how can one train for their rating and improve at flying IFR in IF? Thanks.

IF has made me build a lot of confidence in what I do, especially for the C172 which has helped me learn the instruments and how they work on the aircraft cough and a bit of X-Plane in history. I can’t say IF has really helped me for any tests or knowledge of aircraft on the whole except basic ATC, and whereabouts stuff are in the aircraft and the world.


Without a doubt. I have been flying sims for many years and when I started doing my PPL it helped me a lot!

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Infinite flight is obviously simplified from real life, so don’t rely on it too much. My best bet is for you to bump the winds up, make the visibility very low, and try to approach using only the instruments given. If you find an airspace with a good amount of traffic and the above weather conditions on live, that’s good. But if not, do it on solo.


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