Question about instruction from Tower

This wouldn’t go in appeals since i didn’t get a violation, so i’m putting it on live.

Final at NZAA and Tower instructs me to go 180 knots until 6 mile final. I do exactly this, and the controller asks me to “follow instructions”. Nothing happened after, and I know its not a big deal, but is there something I did wrong? I don’t want any near violations in future so just wanna know.

When they say 6 mile final, thats referring to 6nm right?

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yes that is right it seems like you didnt do anything wrong

I would recommend reaching out to the controller though

Just report the controller

Hey mate you can look this topic!

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You can’t report controller

Do I still have to go through appeals even if it wasn’t a report? More of a confusion on instructions that I just want to clarify. I haven’t had to do this before.

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You can contact controller if you get violation. İf you didn’t received any violation you can contact controller again for answering your question in your mind but don’t forget to write respectful to controller. 😉

The best resolution here is to PM the controller.

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Oh yea of course, not mad just confused. I was hella scared that I was gonna be reported at the end of a 9hr flight ahaha

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