Question about instructed speeds

Hello guys !
i have a question for you.
can someone explain this ?

maintain best forward speed
maintain slowest practical speed
every thing in speed instructions for tower

Maintain best forward speed: Maintain the best possible speed, which would be around 245kt below 10.000FT

Maintain Slowest Practical Speed: Slow down until you can’t go slower (you’ll use flaps)


Maintain best forward speed: go as fast as is reasonable for your altitude and distance from the field.

Maintain slowest practical speed: go as slowly as is reasonable for your altitude and distance from the field.

Maintain present speed: keep flying at the same speed you are at until advised of the next item, speed at your

Speed at your discretion: you can choose your speed. Completely up to you. Usually is used to cancel one of the above commands.


@Nicholas_L YUP…what he said…

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What @emil told you is right best forwards speed = 190 to 245 kts and best slowest speed between 140 to 170 kts.

MaxSez: The correct answer can be found in the AIM. Google and are user friendly. Remember there are snakes on this plane. Alway cite Source, the Section & Para or say “I think or my opinion is or in my experience” or words to that effect. The multiple choices above are fine examples of the art of bloviation! Just saying


Not necessarily.
A Dash 8 could easily fly at 130kt in clear drag config (no flaps slats)

It all depends on what aircraft you’re flying. ;)

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What they said…

I’m not getting into specific numbers but in general, if the tower gives you “maintain best forward speed” it means “You are going too slow and there’s traffic behind you, speed up within reason” We will see people be 10 miles out hitting the cone at 145 with someone behind them going 165.

The other command is the opposite “maintain slowest practical speed” is tower telling you “you are going too fast”.

Both of these commands should trigger an alert to you to check your radar for planes ahead and behind of you.


Usually if you follow these commands then their’s no problem. But if you don’t, a go around or 360 may be sent to you in order to have safe operations.

This is the best answer you’re going to find and this is the only one to go by. Check the FAR/AIM for everything, don’t trust everything you see on the forum.


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