Question about Infinite Flight Assistant

I´ve got a auestion about the App “Infinite Flight Assistant”. In different videos I heard that the passengers clap their hands after Landing.
Is it possible to turn off this?

Many Greetings

Hey i think you can just tap on this option to get it turned off at least this is how other options work. You can select enabled or disabled…

Yes it is.
Like the safety briefing that is very long.
You can set everything you want off or on.
On iOS you’ll need to kill the both apps before launching first in-flight assistant then IF. Otherwise the connexion isn’t warranted

I’m just so white I keep it on


Oh, and it’s In-Flight Assistant. Not Infinite Flight Assistant. 😉

Oh okay! I use an Android deevice (Galaxy Tab S4)!
And on my device i didn´t see the option to turn off that.

It’s in the Android version as well:

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