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I have one question. When im approaching with ils to an airport and ATC gives me instruction “turn heading XXX descend and maintain XXX, maintain XXX until established on the localizer, cleared ILS runway XX approach”. Am i supposed to switch mylsef to tower when im established on the localizer, or i have to wait until the ATC instructs me to swtich tower?. I write this because i was on WSSS and i was on this situation and i switched myself to tower and called inbound for t’he ILS runway XX, and told me to review ATC procedure, and after that cleared me to land.
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On expert server Wait til Approach tells you to switch to tower or Unicom


You run the risk of being ghosted if you switch before you are instructed too


Wait until Approach, clear you to change frequency.
You can find more information here:
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Ok. Everything clear now. Thank you!

I wonder - how did the tower controller know that you switched from approach without clearance?

The aircraft tile carries info about you plus IFATC communicates with each other on slack.

Good info already provided. Here’s some more


ATC knows all lol
They can see if you switch and see where you went

Because approach keeps you until you’ve established yourself on the correct localizer. If you’re ILS and haven’t intercepted, you shouldn’t be on tower.

(There’s no reason to switch on your own anyway. First, the interaction with tower is a simple clearance and doesn’t require a lot of extra time. Two, Approach knows you need to tune to tower once established. We aren’t going to forget you.)

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On close runway how do they know we are on the correct localizer and not in the runway next to the correct

Oh. I assumed he was established when he contacted tower.

I agree there’s no reason to switch on your own, I was just curious since there’s no indication for the controller in such cases.

Unless they overlap, you may have to wait a bit longer to make sure they’re lined up exactly on the right one. At KLAX, for example, people love to try to land on 25R when given 25L, so you just keep them until it’s clear they’re not trying to swing inside.

And, like I said, this doesn’t really interfere with tower operations, because tower just needs to clear them and that takes but a second. Approach keeping them longer to make sure they aren’t trying to slide a bit to the right for 25R (i.e. waiting until their FPV is on the line for 25L) helps tower out when they’re most likely busy and don’t want to deal with everyone trying to switch runways on them.

(Which, BTW, is extremely annoying. Tower knows you’re being cleared for 25L. Just ask for 25L. Asking for 25R isn’t going to get it approved for you…it only makes a little extra work to give you what you were approved for anyway. I don’t know why everyone insists on landing on the runway with a queue for departure 10 deep. [Speaking in general, not of anyone in particular here.])


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