Question about ils approach

when you do a visual approach does tower give you vector to align with the runway aa a low distance (like approach in madeira)? and also Do you use altitudes of waypoint of the App to land or you calculate Vs? thanks

Usually, they vector you to a specific point then have you report ‘airport in sight’.

Depending on airport and weather, you’ll either fly in by hand or program VNAV to send you down to a specific altitude before hand-flying into the airport.

and when the tower says report airport in sight does it give me an heading for line up or nor?

No. It’s up to you. You have the freedom to do whatever you need to do to get to the runway (as long as you’re not obstructing other traffic).

For V/S a good rule of thumb is to multiply your groundspeed times 5 (5,3 to be exact). Then you have exactly your V/S to maintain a 3° descent.

For example: Lets say your groundspeed is 150 knots. 150 x 5,3 = About 800 ft/min descent rate is required to maintain a 3° glideslope.

Hope that helps a little bit.

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Hey @Jacopo_De_Grandis, you can find more information about visual approaches here:

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