Question about IFATC

Can IFATC control ATC on the training server?

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No we can’t control on Training Server.


Pretty sure players that are grade 2-3 and above can. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong).

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Anyone who is Grade 2 or above and not a member of IFATC can control on Training Server.


The only case where IFATC can control training server is by opening a radar frequency under trainer’s permission. You can see some radar tracking threads in ATC .


so, once you become part of it, you can’t, or is that like regulations or something

Exactly that, we are not permitted to control on TS unless a Trainer approves it for radar training practice.

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But why can’t you control on TS?

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I would assume they don’t want power creep into TS. TS is for training ATC and having IFATC there kind of defeats the purpose. I would also assume it’s so IFATC can be monitored and checked on to ensure quality.


Because we have a big button called the report button at our disposal.

To be quite honest, why would we want to control on TS anyways?


If that’s the reason I’m surprised they don’t just turn it off lol

It goes back to my second point though. If you’ve got access to expert, why would someone want to go back to controlling on training?

Time limits. You can just pop on for a second on TS to control for a friend, test something, fulfill a control request from the IFC.

IFATC has the power to issue reports that’s the main reason IFATC are not allowed to control on Training Server

And Training Server is primarily used to practice the skills and correct yourself for the Expert Server.


I believe that even if IFATC were permitted to control on the Training Server, most members, myself included, wouldn’t revert to it. For many of us, myself included, becoming an IFATC member was a significant motivation to study and practice diligently. Thankfully, I’ve achieved that goal, and I no longer find myself striving for acceptable behavior from pilots on the Training Server.


That’s precisely why the time rule exists within IFATC. Our role is to deliver the most realistic and efficient ATC service possible.Just picture a bustling scene at LAX, with high traffic, and then imagine if I were only controlling for my friend’s benefit, potentially jeopardizing the safety and experience of other pilots. It’s crucial to uphold professionalism and prioritize the seamless flow of air traffic for everyone’s benefit.

Yes, it is probably important to have on Expert so we’re not swapping controllers that frequently. But TS is not realistic and people swap controllers quickly anyways.

On Expert. It shouldn’t matter elsewhere.

Have you been to LAX TS lately, or anything on TS? Take a look at Liveflight/InfiniteX or something. It’s currently 2300Z, high time for most of IF’s playerbase who just got out of school, and the busiest airport on TS has like 8 planes on ground and 4 within 50 nm.

Not sure if you’re imagining someone just going in, giving bogus commands to every other aircraft while giving correct commands to their friend, but I don’t think people would be doing that. If I’m opening up for a friend, you bet I’m going to help everyone else get in and out safely as well.

…How? By controlling properly? First of all, TS pilots already jeopardize their own safety by the way they fly. Controlled or not, enough dangerous stuff happens on that server. Second of all, do you really think that someone who has no idea how ATC works or has very little experience is going to control better than a trained IFATC member? I’m aware that some IFATC are better than others but as a baseline they should be able to handle 4 arrivals and some planes on ground (which is, mind you, the busiest airport on TS currently), and I guarantee you they’re all better than some random individual who has never used the ATC feature in their life. I genuinely don’t understand this argument, so if you would like to explain it further to me I’m here to listen.

Yes, on Expert. There should be rules for controlling on Expert, I agree. But Training is not and doesn’t need to be realistic. Would allowing IFATC to control on TS in shorter bouts really soil the image of the organization to unacceptable levels? If you don’t want to, then just don’t.

Just some stuff to think about.

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I see the confusion, I wasn’t talking about applying this on TS.

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Understood, but what were you talking about applying this to then? My reply contains a quote in it asking about training server, it mentions TS, the topic is about TS, and you yourself mentioned TS in the reply directly above the one you sent me.

I mentioned TS in the comment above of my response to you regarding the time limits, which as I explained in my reply, it’s meant to ensure a good ATC service on ES, and why it shouldn’t be broke elsewhere.