Question about IFATC requirements?


So recently I’ve started to control ATC on the TS a lot and am really enjoying it. The only problem of course is the frustration when someone doesn’t follow instructions.

I am familiar with all ATC rules and procedures and would love to apply for IFATC but I don’t think I’m confident enough to handle a busy airport on a FNF or just the usual weekly timetable.

So my question today is if I pass the test and become IFATC, will I be required to participate in the weekly activities? Like some sort of quota? And if not, am I able to just control a random airport in my own time?

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There is a certain schedule for IFATC. IFATC controllers are not allowed to control anywhere they want unless they are instructed to. (ATC choice weeks). You need to control in the daily airports that are on the schedule.

More info here:


Glad to hear you’re interested in IFATC.

Controllers need to maintain a minimum level of controlling (i.e. don’t expect to disappear for 6 months and then pick up where you left off), but for most people this isn’t an issue. You can control whenever you want, no need to participate in events like FNF. We encourage new controllers to take their time getting into big events like these, to help avoid them getting overwhelmed.


Thanks heaps for your replies. I might put up with the training server for a bit longer and see how my confidence level is in a month or 2.

Moving onto IFATC provides you with a huge step towards better controlling with more professional pilots. As part of your IFATC “work up”, you are welcome to open an ATC Thread to invite professionals and those willing to give up some time the chance to fly at your airport and give your skills a work out.

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Tyler often puts a combination of smaller, class C airports along with big class B hubs for each day. You’re always allowed to open a smaller airport (as long as it’s featured).

Quality ATC over blindly opening the hubs is always important.

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Apparently there is a restriction that new IFATCs can only open class C or something.


That is correct. When you join IFATC, you can only control class Charlie airspace’s. This is to allow the controller to build up their skills and confidence without without sacrificing quality.


@Will_A isn’t qualified but we felt bad for him so we let him in anyways. 😜
Anyways, yes you start off at a Charlie for approximately a week or two, once you build up your skills you’re promoted to class Bravos.
Training server can be a madhouse so I personally encourage you apply for IFATC as soon as you can. Wether you control once a month for an hour at a time or everyday for multiple hours, you’re good.


I’d recommend touching base with an IFATC recruiter. They’re fantastic at helping you gain confidence, plus they’ll organise training for you to help.


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