Question about IFATC Practice test

I just applied for IFATC and took a practice test and got a 70 or something. Im just wondering how many practice tests you’re allowed to take. Is it like 1 per day, unlimited, or only 1?

This would be a great question for your recruiter. But based on your score, you will have to wait another 14 days. Does this help?

I’m sorry…I misread your question at first. I’m not sure about the practice tests. It could be the same amount of time. I thought initially you were referring to the actual theory test

1 month you have wait to get another chance

Maybe read the post - OP is only doing practice tests - they weren’t doing the actual theory test.

@Lindbergh272 Practice tests are meant to make you perfect the ATC Theory tests. You are allowed unlimited tries to take the Theory Practice Tests.


ah ok. thanks for the help


What are the eligibility for apply to IFATC ?

Follow this link

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Thank you so much

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