Question about howw to call inbonds

i just landed at PRLL, and have been given this instruction from ATC. i had this issue several times, and i did check the user guide. according to the guide i don’t have to say specific apprpach method like require ILS or Visual. I tried different way to call a inbonds when i fly to different airport, some time i wil get this information and sometime won’t. So i was wandering what part went wrong.

Hi there, the best option here is to message the controller @Magician asking why the ‘please follow instructions’ command was sent

ok will do. what you think ? shou i require a runway, i don’t think the user guide said that.

Approach appears to be active for RPLL just now. You say you didn’t say approach method to tower? But because approach is active, were you not cleared for a particular approach? If so then perhaps should have declared that to tower?

I cannot see your inbound message so I cannot make an opinion to the scenario. As I mentioned best to message the controller

Hi @oliver_twist will drop you a PM

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Best not to make a judgement on the matter and leave it with the controller and the OP

The subject came up the other day. So I politely disagree.

The controller has stated that they will be messaging the OP, no need to comment further

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When you contact tower on final you have to send an inbound WITH RUNWAY REQUEST. For example: Manila Tower, Philippines 127 Heavy, inbound on the ILS runway 06

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Thank you.

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you nean when there is a approach , after i change the Frequency from approach to tower

The important thing when you call the tower you habe to tell him what kind of Approach you are on ILS/VIS/RV/GPS,

Because there is a different command you will get from the Controller.

Example for ILS he can clear you directly, but for an VIS he has to give you maybe an pattern entry an sequence and can clear you then.

Hope you understand.

Habe a great Day

got it , thanks

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Handled :)