Question about hosting an event

I have a quick question about hosting an event. Is there a specific amount of days or hours in advance I have to announce my event?

Hello, Aidan!

Anything happening under 3 hours from the time posted should be posted in #live:groupflights.

Other than that, there is no required time.

Be sure to make it a little bit in advance to ensure more signups!

Also, try to make sure there isn’t an existing event at your planned time.

Good luck!


Okay thanks for the help!

Don’t go too far in advance, though.


You should create a #live:events Topic less than 60 days from starting, or else you won’t be able to edit the Topic again.


Got it! 👍🏼

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When doing a event do go more the 3 month from the date of release! :)

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