Question about HAAB … and other runway-converted taxiways

I recently made a flight from HAAB, and took off at 25R. Later I heard that 07L/25R is used as a taxiway.
I checked the airport diagram and found that it makes sense. However I also noticed that there are instrument procedures for that “taxiway”.
I rarely fly in Africa, so could someone tell me if it is true? If so, here comes another problem: If the airport is controlled by ATC, should I treat it as a taxiway or should I inform the ATC before entering and “back taxiing”?
Apt diagram:

The approach procedure for 25R:

Yes, 07L/25R is used as a taxiway in real life. I do not however see an active TFR, so I cannot comment about the ATC concern as I don’t know if all controllers would be aware. For your purposes, I found this chart which helps to make it a little more clear.

Credit: @DeerCrusher

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As ATC though, you should try to efficiently use both runways provided to you. On the training server without a TFR or NOTAM in place, pilots will get easily confused and most likely won’t follow your instructions due to that.

Once you become IFATC on the Expert Server, it will be easier to follow real world procedures

Best of Luck on your HAAB operations! :)


Thank you but my question is on the pilot’s side: should I inform ATC before entering that runway?

Yes and no. There is a similar case in London Gatwick where they do not use 08L/26R. At Gatwick, you should not request for clearance. If you go to EGKK, you can see a NOTAM in the form of a TFR (a big red circle). If you tap on that, and the tab it pops up with, you can read the message where it says aircraft do not need to request clearance to use it as a taxiway. At HAAB, there is no TFR, so it is best to just request for clearance to cross and don’t use it as a taxiway. IFATC usually use all runways available if they can to deal with the massive amounts of traffic.

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It all depends. Some ATC are aware of the procedure and some are not. If there is no TFR or NOTAM, I would treat it as a runway. You are better off asking for clearance to cross a runway and being told “already cleared to cross”, than being reported for entering an active runway without permission.


To avoid confusion from controllers and pilots alike, treat runways as runways unless designated by a TFR or other NOTAM. Not everyone knows the realistic procedures, and if people pilot/control with the assumption that everyone knows each airport’s realistic procedures then we have chaos. Furthermore, unless a TFR states so, IFATC will more likely than not utilize all runways in use to maximize efficiency.
It’s just easier and less confusing for everyone if you just ditch realistic procedures for most of the time, since we rarely enforce them anyway.

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Thanks for the assists! One last question: What’s the point of setting procedures for a runway not in use? Is it for emergency purposes?

Are you asking what’s the purpose of having them at the pilots disposal?

Not sure…I’m just wondering the meaning of creating these procs cos everyone is using the other runway

Well Infinite Flight adapts the procedures from real life databases, so I’d assume that at some point those procedures were in use and never removed.

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OK…I assume that these procs are in use when the main RWY is temporarily unserviceable

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