Question about group flights

Hey so for tomorrow’s fly around the world ATC event, if I were to host a group flight with more than 1 flight, is that aloud
Flight 1 KLAX-WSSS tonight
Flight 2 WSSS-OMDB Tomorrow morning
Flight 3 OMDB-EGLL mid day tomorrow
all of those flights in one topic of group flights

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Or does this go against the with in 3 hours rule?

that would go against the three hor rule I believe so if I was you I would make the group flight as I am approaching my destination if you plan on back to back flights


What is this three hour rule you are talking about?

one of the rules is that your group flight must take place within three hours of being posted

What if I put it in the Events category?

here are the rules

So for an event there can be more than 1 flight?

I do not know if it does not say there then I am assuming yes

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