Question about ghosting protocol on Expert Server

Hi everyone,

I started flying the sim about a month ago and am a few thousand XP points from Grade 3 and the Expert Server.

I wanted to ask if ghosting protocol is applied the same way as in the Training Server, whereby you first receive warnings and violations before being ghosted.

The server description in the menu makes it sound as if you get ghosted right after committing an infraction.

Just want to know what to expect for when I’m able to access the server.

Thanks for your time!


You can’t be ghosted on training server, the only way to be ghosted is by exceeding the speed limit(greater than 250KIAS under 10000 feet) and receiving 6 violations, after the sixth violation, a system ghost will be issued.


Expert ATC and moderators can ghost if you are disrupting the traffic flow or not following instructions.
I have no doubt if you read the #tutorials section up, you will do absolutely fine.

See this post by our ATC community manager, Tyler.


Basically if you are not blatantly interfering with other aircraft, we will not ghost you but only to tell you to check help pages or follow instructions when you have done something wrong
We really appreciate you ask why the warning is given so do fell free to ask


violation and ghosting(reporting) are 2 seperate aspect of IF to maintain professionalism. violation are for general flight rules that applies to both TS and Expert server the same way. you get warning 1st followed by violation whereby 6 violation results in system ghost. these violation are system generated. violation applies to.

  1. taxing faster than 35 knots
  2. above 250kias bellow fl100
  3. exceeding max kias
  4. large aircraft in small airport
  5. sitting idle on runway

however ghosting or reporting is different. it is not system generated and only IFATC (while controlling),moderator and staff can ghist you. if you dont follow atc instructions, interfere with other traffic or doing nuisance that may aprupt the fun of other pilots playing the game in professional manner.
also getting warning before being ghosted is subjected to controller workload and severity of the incidence. like don’t expect a warning when taxing through the other aircraft.

hope this clarifies all your doubt.

Nikhil. :)

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Another thing to note, is IFATC, are required to take screenshots for evidence, before they ghost a pilot. So if you do get ghosted, and you believe it was false, you indeed should take screenshots to prove you were doing it correct. If you were ghosted because there was no communication(eg. you were responding, yet approach doesn’t get the message), often times, IFATC will start reversing of the ghost internally.

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Ahhh I see, okay! Yes, I got ghosted on Training Server during one of my first flights after losing control of the aircraft and over speeding, that’s where my confusion came from.

Guys thanks for the clarification, appreciate your time!


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