Question about Ghosting and Violation at 15000ft

I was flying from WMKK to WSSS at Advance server. Tha take off was great, everything was normal. However when I reach 15000ft, I was at about 580 Knot in airspeed. Suddenly, a message pop out saying that I had been reported and invisible to other users. Is there any violation speed at that altitude? I did not do any stupid thing except for that speed. Can anyone please help me with these.


The max speed from 10,000 to 40,000ft is 550 kts ground speed


At 580 knots airspeed you would be wildly exceeding this new rule:

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At the time of Ghosting, there was no ATC at my atc log

Read this post. It will explain everything.

What was your call sign ?

oh, new rules. I did not that before. Can i discuss this problem with an ATC supervisor?

Then you were ghosted by a mod. Let me ask you this why do you feel it necessary to fly that fast?

I think I was “Indonesia 456”

First of all I was just want to get to WSSS fast as i did not have a lot of time to play. I also did not know the new rules

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Well now you do

I observed you doing 800 kts for over 5 minutes . Maximum GS below 40000 ft is 550 kts


Did I? I don’t think 777w can go that fast. I know it is my fault, I just did not know about the new rules. Can i get my Grade 4 back please?

Lol @Amilga_Fariz_S, if you were doing 800 kts as Tom said, IRL you would rip the wings off of your plane. There’s no reason to go that fast. Don’t worry though, in three days you’ll be back to normal.


It is based on your GS NOT indicated. You have to wait 3 days and it will automatically return to the grade you were at

I know it was ridicules, But it is not fair as I did not know the new rules. I mean seriously, if you guys post every new rules at the app so that people know, I would take full responsibility for that. But i did not know it

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It is been posted multiple times on the forum here as well as when IFFG.

yea but unfortunately, it did not come to me

3 days is a long time, and for today I can’t play in Advance. Can I please get my Grade 4 back, I promise I won’t do it again. I never got Ghosted before, Always following rules. But only this time I break one and It because I did not know it. Can you please at lease get me to Grade 3 so that i can play today?

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I do agree that it is a potential problem that not everyone knows about the rules, but it has been stated that Tyler and others are going to work with the devs to make this known to everyone. In the mean time, the rules are the rules.