Question about generally things in Flight

Question 1: How do I use the Auto-Brakes levels Low & Medium flaps and flaps during take-off and landing?

Question 2: What is the best way to find out how high I can fly with my aircraft at a certain take-off weight and then also what the rate of climb should be?

Question 3: I somehow can’t fly the C17 or 747-400 because when you are in climb they lose control, for example with the 747 before reaching 40,000 feet, the C17 loses control at 20,000 feet. I don’t know, but could the problem be with the climb rate setting? I have the same problem with the A10 Thunderbolt, a normal climb is hardly possible.

Question 4: My control surface often hangs at an angle, so I always have to hold my phone at an unintentional angle to keep the plane level? Do you know anything about this?

Look through the user guide, should be able to find the answers to those questions there.

You have a few option, you could either:

1- Utilise google
2- Use a flight planning software like Sim Brief which will give you a max alt.
3- Use the aircraft profiles guide you can find here on the IFC.

It’s hard to tell without more context. What do you mean by “losing control”? With the info you provided it seems like you are climbing to fast and stalling.

Use the “calibrate” function from the pause menu while keeping you device at a ideal position. Should sort that out for you.


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For example, if I am a little heavier with the 747 or c17, but also if normally loaded, the weight display is golden brown or green, I climb normally with 3000 after takeoff and from 20,000 with 2500 and from 30,000 onwards always graduating to 2000, 1000 and shortly before reaching the maximum flight altitude with 500 and then the aircraft stumbles strongly up and down.

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