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So I’m doing a short flight from Denver to San Fransisco. It says I have 2 hours and 33 minutes of fuel remaining, and it also says that I will arrive 1 hour and 51 minutes. It says I’ll make it, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to decrease fuel consumption if you know what I’m saying.

Edit: I’m also in a 737-700 if that helps.


Yeah, you will make it easily, you don’t even need to reduce fuel consumption. When you descend, you automatically use less fuel because of your reduced need of power from engines.

If you ever need to reduce power, some tactics are reducing speed and finding an altitude with more favorable winds.


I think the lower your altitude the less fuel you’ll be consuming. If you’re at 32,000 feet and Mach is 0.81, your N1 should be 65-75%. So you should still make it!


Ok, great tips. Thanks guys!


If San Francisco is busy tho and your fuel becomes increasingly low, and you get put in hold you might want to look into diverting to San Jose or Oakland, but you should be fine


If you want the correct fuel use sim brief if will give u a flight plan how much fuel and what altitude


Don’t trust the time last time happened that my fuel ends 34min before landing

Yeah thats very helpfull i use simbrief for cargo and fuel

To decrees the fuel flow, just fly at a higher altitude, but now to high (I like FL370)

The cruise speed of the 737-700 is M .78.

Sorry about that…

When you depart it shows that you won’t make it because it is only time you need the power to increase your altitude. But when you reach your cruising altitude you will most likely to reduce your power therefore you can see if you will make it or not. Worst case scenario you have to land to refuel but that’s very unlikely. Just make sure you add an extra hour or two when you refuel depending on the wind you never know.

Hope the feedback helped 😊

When you are higher in altitude the engines are consuming thinner air, which allows the engines to give the same thrust with less effort

Thank you all for your tips! I’ll be sure to use these tips later. I did make it with 6,000 lbs of fuel remaining.

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