Question about fuel consumption on the 747-8 after 22.1

Hey everyone! Does anyone know if the extreme fuel consumption on the 747-8 has been fixed with 22.1 and the addition of UPS?

It was not. This will likely not be fixed until a rework comes into affect I’m afraid.


Still a gas Guzzler


Oh okay… thanks for your answer!

777F no button emergency fuel, how is working?

Do you mean the low fuel report command with ATC? That command is only available once you have reached a certain level of fuel left.

IRL it doesn’t gulp as much as an a380 but in IF it seems like it gulps it at twice the rate

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Yes, even when I ran out of fuel it didn’t show up, had to close the game at 1000 lbs off the runway

what server were you on ?? those messages only show on the expert server.

Expert server

okay so, you also have to be flying for an hour minimum for it to also show up. If not then its not a major thing, it ay be a one of bug but you should get it next time

I did Louisville to Dubai on the 748, a 13hr flight with tailwinds all the way there. I put 17hrs of fuel and almost didn’t made it. So no… it’s not fixed, lol.

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Emergency fuel can only be told with a flight time over 30 minutes I think and obviously Min. Fuel

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