Question about free airspaces

Hello, was going to do a medium haul flight but encountered a wall. I currently am not subscribed to Infinite Flight Pro. I would like to travel between two free airspaces. (Such as: California to Hawaii) If i fly through the NOT free airspaces will my flight get cancelled or will i be fine and land at my destination in the second airspace freely. If you dont understand i can provide more on what i mean.

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These airspaces are called regions. You have certain amount of regions in the non-PRO. You cannot leave the region you are in and in order to do so you have to buy PRO, it unlocks the whole globe and aircrafts and many more. If say you spawn at KSFO, you cannot leave the region (green box) it is in.

If you do then it gives a warning and ends the flight Iā€™m pretty sure or you crash.

Someone will have to correct me on that one

You basically stall out and crash. So what you said is correct.


Ah then my dreams have been crushed.

Get pro for 10 bucks a month and if you like it you can get it forever

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