Question about forum storage

Hey everyone.

If you’ve been apart of the IFC for more than 5 minutes, it’s very evident that duplicate posts are highly frowned upon. People are jumped on by mods and the people they role model to close the topic as fast as possible. Recently I learned that birthday topics are now aren’t allowed.

With the semi-recent addition of #screenshots-and-videos, where 90% of topics don’t get more than 1 reply, it makes me curious to where the IFC stands on the choices they make.

I once heard a mod say that duplicate posts aren’t allowed because it takes up too much storage on the forum.

So we can have a post for every screenshot ever taken but not a post wishing a community member a happy birthday??

When I was a wee grade 1, and when I was first flagged for duplicates it heavily discouraged me. Why is this? Why can we have a topic for each cr*ppy photo from someone be allowed, but making a fellow community member feel welcome and loved on the forum isn’t?

Just curious,




I just DM my Happy Birthday notes. You can even ask Chris. Good question though, I wonder how the Forum does have enough space for all these files.


It’s not about storage space it’s about the forum experience. Having 37 separate feature requests for the same livery doesn’t make sense. It is confusing. This is why we suggest searching before posting as most questions have been asked before. Do we close every duplicate, no. Why? It’s just the nature of the forum and it happens. We could make FAQs, tutorials, and pin everything but something will always come through. We know the community takes time to get used to and we help guide new users the best we can.

As the forum evolves and grows we evaluate the need for new categories. One of those was a place to put graphics and videos. Instead of one thread with 2000 posts for photos, people can do individual threads where feedback and comments can be given. It’s the same amount of space at the end of the day but organized more efficiently for the end users. We are evaluating the effectiveness and will adjust as needed.

Birthdays was one where every day someone has a birthday and it was getting out of hand. You are more than welcome to private message someone on their birthday for well wishes.

Hope this helps.


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