Question about formation flying in Multiplayer

Hi everyone and good morning!

I have some questions regarding formation flights and how to set them up.

In real life, air shows usually have planes in formation or just a solo to demonstrate that aircraft’s flight capability or just to show off.

Obviously, here in the US, the two biggest demonstration teams are the Blue Angels (F/A-18) and the Thunderbirds (F-16)
These two demo teams always fly in formation, close to each other, sometimes about a foot away.

How hard is it to do formation flying in Infinite Flight? I want to get a few people who are interested in flying formation and do some airshow type stuff in Infinite Flight Casual server.

Would it be easy to do formation flights or would it be difficult due to the Internet? Of course, coordination is super important when it comes to formation flights, so would need some way to communicate


I was actually looking forward someone to fly formations with in this airshow in december, would you wanna fly with me

I would, but I sadly work on Saturdays. Thanks for the invite though!

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As long as you have a stable connection, you shouldn’t have many issues. I’ve done this a few times and with stable connection the planes may bounce around a tad but nothing extreme to mess up your formation.

Something else to point out is communication. Being in a VC with others is important, otherwise someone has to type while flying which… well if you are low and accidentally go nose down is no bueno.

Just a few things, enjoy the flights. They are my favorite.

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Yeah, communication is key to formation flying so you would need to use VC. As someone experience in formation flying(not IF), we almost always use VC if we ever need to do formation. I know in many combat flight sims, you can also type but in real flight sims like IF where you can’t type, then VC is a must.

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There’s room for improvement and even the best connection won’t give you the smooth ride you’re looking for.

However it’s really fun to do and you’ll love it when you try. Start with slow planes, the slower the funnier :)

Here some examples :

Long video

Short one
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Was gonna say the same thing as well

Edit: if you are flying jets, you can also go on a easy speed


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