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Hello I was wondering so what age can you start flying in the us and should you go to flight school first before college or what I don’t know I’m not an expert.

What are your long-term flying goals? You can start taking lessons at any age, but must be 16 to solo and 17 to get your private pilot certificate. That’s for airplanes. I believe gliders are a year earlier on both fronts.


Well I want to be a United Airlines pilot if not a American Airlines pilot.

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How far out is college for you?

Like 6 years

I’d say get a job, save up some money, and try to start flight lessons in high school. You’ll love it and it’ll keep you inspired and motivated for the next steps. You have the option of going to college to get an aviation degree; if the right school, this could cut your ATP minimums by 50 hours. Or you could go the military route.

There are many different paths you can take, so I’d take some time to research and review them. Talk to family friends that are pilots if you can, and join local aviation communities. Talking to people will open your eyes to people’s experiences and advice.

Here’s a good article to get you started:


Im already wanting to join the military or Air Force

That’s great! Do you want to attend a service academy?

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What’s that sorry I’m not really awake rn.

Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, etc.

This is the one So I can fly and kinda be like maverick

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Gotcha… you’re thinking of the Navy. Anyway, do some research and think it through with your family. Only you can decide what’s best for you. Good luck!


Thanks for being great help

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might have to frame this one


So two routes for your answer, legally when can you start flying? Anytime with an instructor. Solo at 16, license at 17 for your private pilots license.

As for practically speaking that is a far more complex and individualized question. You mention college in your original post so I’ll go in that direction with it. I think basically speaking I would say mid high school is the easiest you should practically start if planning to go through college. One of the main advantage of a college program is the R-ATP which lowers the number of hours you need to fly for airlines. To get an R-ATP you need to get your instrument rating and above at the school you plan to apply for the R-ATP through. That means that it isn’t worth doing anything past your private outside of the college you attend and you may actually be costing yourself time down the road by doing that. Getting your ppl before going to college is a good idea though in my opinion, that’s what I did. It allows you to test the waters a little before you go into a full college program, it allows you to get ahead of your peers, and most importantly almost any local flight school will be cheaper than a major college per flight hour. Which means you will likely save money too. Just be careful how those colleges take your ppl, it varies more than you would expect.

You also talk about the military route, since that is going to be an academy or ROTC I assume it has many similarities to the college path in terms of how best to setup for it, but I will let someone with more knowledge on that talk about that though.


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