Question about flying while connecting and disconnecting

so with the new 20.1 update, i want to do a flight with my va, but my flight isnt crashing, but will i not actually crash while i fly?

We cant say for sure. All we know right know is that this issue affects some of the users that have received the update. I would suggest waiting until the issue has been resolved.

so may i fly, im in live btw, safely and not crash?

This is something you should test out yourself. But beware as most users are experiencing app crashes due to the amount of polygons rendered to the new Boeing 777-200ER.

@Henry you should not worry if you are flying in any other aircraft. I am unsure about the Boeing 737.

This is a known issue and devs are working on.

im using iphone 11 pro

If it crashes, you know the reason why. Again, we can’t say for sure that the app won’t crash. It’s up to you. 🙂

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true, well ima see

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left graphics on high, it wasnt lagging tho

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