Question about flying in high winds


I’m currently flying Dublin - JFK (Just leaving west side of Ireland now) and due to the 71kt wind I’m only going about 140/h…

Any suggestions?

Currently at 32,400ft & descending slowly since any attempt to move upwards fails… I’m fairly new to this so any advice is appreciated! At this rate I’ll be at JFK in days haha


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An altitude of 340 should do and a speed of 0.82. I would recommend using sim brief as it calculates the winds and all that to give you the best and quickest route.


A website like can be handy to know where the winds are so you can avoid them.


I was flying the exact opposite route in a C750 today! Crazy tailwinds though.

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Just tried again and had to divert I literally barely moved in that wind! Haha… was running out of fuel

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