Question about Fly-In Events: Is it appropriate to create suggested route lists for participants to choose from?

Hello, Infinite Flight Community!

I’m excited to organize a Fly-In event and I’m seeking guidance on the most appropriate approach. My main question is regarding the inclusion of suggested route lists for participants.

Here’s my question: in Fly-In events, is it common or appropriate to create boards with suggested routes, allowing participants to choose which flight they want to undertake? Or, traditionally, in Fly-In events, do participants have complete freedom to choose the type of flight they want to do without prior suggestions?

Thank you in advance for any guidance or shared experiences! I’m eager to make my event as engaging as possible for everyone. If anyone has had similar experiences or has suggestions, please share them here. Let’s make this event an amazing experience for all participants!

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You can do both, for example you can put suggested routes for people who want to take part in the event but don’t know what route to fly,
And also others might do they own route.
When creating an event you can put “suggested routes” and yes it’s appropriate and common
Hopefully this helped and hopefully you will be able to create an event soon.

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Thank you so much for your helpful response! I truly appreciate your insight into allowing both suggested routes and the freedom for participants to choose their own. It’s great to know that this is common practice.

I’m considering taking a more realistic approach for my event. The suggested routes are based on real-life routes, and I believe it would enhance the overall realism of the event. Do you think it would be appropriate to request participants to choose from the suggested routes as a condition for a more immersive experience?

Thanks again for your assistance!

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Yeah i think so, I think you would have to format it as a fly out event but make it so for example
Pick a gate in the fly in airport and fly to it I’m not too sure but it’s definitely something you can experiment with it
But I understand what you mean.
Hopefully this helped

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