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Hello, I have a flight tomorrow morning on JetBlue in which I am eager to find out our flight plan and aircraft livery (🤣) BUT, no matter what I do, nor on flight radar or flight aware can I find any information about my individual aircraft . Does anyone know when this information may be available? Most flights around mine on the arrival board have had their plane and flight plan ready. I personally think this will be the pilots first leg together, and maybe the havent crested a FPL yet. What do you guys think?

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It we be available when the aircraft mad his final flight, just before your

My Dad has an app on his iPad where he can look up the flight number and find the flight plan of your aircraft

I don’t remember the name of it though, so I’ll have to ask him sometime.

Here you go, You’re flying in this aircraft!

Thank you, at the time of creating the topic it wasn’t available but I got it. Thanks anyway though!

You’re welcome, safe flight tomorrow!

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I know this has already been solved, but in the past and knowing FR24 the N# Number and info is usually visible once the flight is 24 hours away.

I’ve usually seen aircraft information for my upcoming flights become available 24 hours prior to departure, maybe the day before departure as a whole.

FlightAware is a little more dodgy, as some flight plans may never show up. Seen that happen a few times.

I seriously doubt this is the case.

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