Question about Flight Resume

Hi everyone,

I was trying out the flight resume feature for the first time. All of the ticks were green and so flight resume turned on and I left the flight. I come back about 20 mins later and I join back to the flight and I haven’t moved and in the same exact place as I left off. Is that was flight resume is. Or is it supposed to keep on progressing through the flight?

Thank you

Yeah it’s supposed to do that. You may see other people do that on the live servers and if you click on them and the green line starts from a random place that is when they resumed their flight using flight resume

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Oh ok thank you!

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Yes, it is supposed to do that.

“resume” being the opposite of “pause”


It’s kind of the same as pause isn’t’ it? In that you don’t progress when you’re away from the flight.

The downside if the flight kept progressing is that everyone would be building hours 24/7 by doing nothing but setting up a resumable flight to anywhere whenever they’re not using IF.

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