Question about features

Are there rules about asking people to post feature requests for you? Because if you can, can somebody please post Cal Jet Elite Air and request it for the CRJ-700. I would be very grateful because I really want to fly their only route, Carlsbad, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks!

You need to wait till you get TL2. No bribing please. Just keep reading, posting, and liking and you will be there in no time!

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This is frowned upon. Best to wait until you reach the member trust level (TL2).

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Yes there are rules. Like both gents mentioned, you’ll need to be a TL2 or a Member user to create a feature and post it under the #features category.

And you shouldn’t be asking others to create the request for you. If others can wait to rank their profile up to the next TL, so can you!