Question about Events

I’m currently in the process of planning an Event but I was wondering if it can involve multiple VA’s at once? If yes, do I plan it with all the VA’s in one place or plan it separately with them?
This will be my first time creating an event so I don’t want to make an mistakes haha.
Also not sure if this topic is in the right category :/
Cheers :)

You are allowed to have more than 1 sponsor for the event.

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Ah ok thanks

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one, addressing @tunamkol - please don’t call them sponsors. The VA is not a “sponsor” as there is no monetary or exchange of goods between them. Call it partnered with, or featuring…

As for the event planning, its tough for a first event to collaborate with VA’s - typically, especially the large VA’s, they will only partner with established “event makers” as they have a reputation they want to keep up.

That doesn’t mean this is going to be a no, some VA’s will be more open to partnerships than others and it will vary VA by VA.

The best way to communicate with them is through a PM on the IFC, most have a VA account that you can message to reach them. To find that info, it’ll likely be on their VA thread here on the ifc.


That’s perfect thanks man!

This topic can be closed :)

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