Question about Event/Group Flight

So my birthday is coming up and I wanted to do a DFW flyover with 3 planes but I am only TL 1 and I don’t know what to classify it as. Can someone please help me

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@CaptainSooraj can you help me


First of all, happy birthday for then!

An event is when you have assigned gates (usually) and it is a bit more organised. This are usually announced a bit more in advance. You are allowed to post them as early as 30 days prior. However, you must be TL2 (member) before you can post them.

A groupflight is slightly less organised - still good to be organised but not as much - and can only be announced 3 hours before the flight. These almost always have a departure and arrival airport. You can host these at TL1.

What you are describing sounds more like a groupflight, especially since you only want a few planes. That’s good because you already are TL1. Not to say you couldn’t do it as an event.

Hope that helps!

@InfiniteFlightDeck I understand how that works but the problem is it’s really like takeoff from DFW a triangle formation fly over the center of the airport and then land it’s not really a standard Group Flight or Event so I don’t know what to do good thing is I have till the 15th

Both can be anything you want them to be. You decide the routing so if you want to have a flight where you flyover the airport you can. Just make sure you properly describe what’s going on in the post so everyone is in the loop.

@InfiniteFlightDeck What about the Aircraft I would be a AA 77W and I need one guy to be a AA A321 and another guy to be a AE CRJ 700

Absolutely. As said, it can be anything you want.

Just like write down all the stuff in additional information on the day

Sorry, just saw this!

@InfiniteFlightDeck has pretty much said it all haha.

You can certainly create a group flight. Just format it properly, and put whatever comments you want in the “additional info.”

You can even make a flight plan consisting of the “route” that you want to do, and copy-paste it in that section too.

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