Question about event creating


As an IFC event creator, I must Adhere to all the rules! When it comes to the 60 day rule, is there anyway to work around that and receive permission to post an event more than 60 days out?


Why would you want to post an event that no one will know if they can attend or not?

60 days is a VERY long time. It was a lot better when the rule was 30 days.


Is there a reason why you want to do a 60 Day event @United403

Thats not really a question needed to be answered, he wants to ask if he can. Thats not really your buisiness to dive into.

Please re read the OP’s post, he’s asking on whether or not he can make an event after the 60 day limit.

As Jerry said above, but why cant you make an event when the period is <60 days. I dont think they would let you break the period because then it wont be fair unless its something very special.

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Do not get off-topic. If you’d like to continue this which I recommend not, you may take it to DM’s.

Read what it says above.

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I’m very sorry and I apologize

Sorry for not being clear. I’m just wondering if I can post an event more than 60 days before for the day it’s scheduled for

Umm if it’s a special event as @Hamzaviator said

No, unless you magically get a moderator to let it slide then I’m pretty sure you can’t

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Thanks @Butter575!

And I magically made one happen where it was 61 days in advance lol

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I am just planning 2 massive events next year and wondering if I can bypass the 60 day rule

What butter said is also true but my message should also be taken in consideration as it wouldn’t be fair. Now bye im off but for the future i recommend you to directly PM mods to not get into this whole conversation and get a straightforward reply.

At most I would need 90 days

The answer:

Be patient

Wait a month

It’s not the end of the world


Yeah because I dont see why you cant wait a month for an event slot.