Question about Escorting People/MODS/STAFF

Are we allowed to do escort? Is that legal/fun or e.t.c?
Can a moderator or STAFF Member ban me for this?
Do they like it or not?

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There is no rule stating you can’t; however, I don’t recommend it. If you clip someone’s wing, break separation, etc., you may go poof.

If you are going to do it, maintain adequate separation, and be sure to use a “flight of x” callsign if in an active airspace. All other procedures remain in place as well. If you do all that, you’ll be okay. 🙂

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What do you mean poof?

As in you’ll be reported.

Escorting Misha Camp

There is some useful information on this thread.

I escorted Marc and Declan before. They were ok with it.

Staff may report you for that? Wow lol…
Ok however is ATC can report you for escort?

They can. But if you have the Flight of 2 callsign, your good

Because i’m escorting Tyler at China right now…

You mean about ATC? or… Staff?

ATC is what I mean

oh ok, fine.

It counts as a separation bust. ATC must keep you 1000ft vertically or 3nm horizontally from any aircraft. In breaking that intentionally, ATC may have to report you.

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This is what Misha had to say on escorting if any help.

Ok thanks… And can someone join and escort Tyler? I need to do screenshot’s :)
If can please take F16 and we are passing ZGKL.

I don’t think anyone of us has ever reported a pilot who’s been escorting us normally during a flight. However… Don’t forget that this is Expert Server. Once you start flying through another plane, clipping its wing and stuff like that, it’s another story. You should only fly such a maneuver if you know that you can do it 😊

Also; don’t spend all your time looking for people you can escort. Sometimes, people want to enjoy a flight on their own.