Question about E135

Hello community i was wondering what the closest airplane, most realistic to the E135,E140,E145 is

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Probably one of the CRJs. CRJ200-700-900


Frankly, only the CRJ-200 (and, to a lesser extent, the -700) is a realistic alternative. The 2nd generation of CRJs (-700, -900 and -1000) is better suited to compete against the E-Jets. Seating and range data from Wikipedia shows the following:

ERJ-145XR: Up to 50 seats and 2000nmi
CRJ-200LR: Up to 50 seats and 1700nmi
CRJ-700ER: 66-78 seats (unless you count United’s special CRJ-700s known as CRJ-550s with 50 seats) and 1400nmi
E170: 66-78 seats and 2150nmi

thank you for the help

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