Question about Dubai ATC

Why was there Approach 1 and Approach 2 at Dubai and why was there Departure north/east/west and south? just curious.

And IFATC used a real life procedure for approach so amazing job to the controllers.


They have two approaches active when there is busy…

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Yeah^ would get technical about why there is multiple but I honestly dont feel like it. Maybe later in a dm.

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Not sure what you mean by this. Could you expand?

There are multiple arrival and departure frequency available at some airports depending on controllers online and stuff, they have different sides of the airport ran by different controllers so that the planes can get routed in faster and more efficiently then handed off to the final approach controller.

The reason for this is that the airports have “gates” in the airspace that the co trollers will use to get the pla es in based on what runway they are using and all that.

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I know that, but I’m not sure why he’s talking about departure since it’s not open.

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It was probably open at 1 point when he was on.

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I was there with 6 ATC this morning.


so how does approach one or approach 2 work?

They use different frequency and the planes will be vectored into a gate to get set up to land in the airspace. The approach frequency depends on what direction the plane is coming from or going to.

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Yeah so how does it work in dubai lmao and how can pilots understand which one to contact

They need to look and see what direction they are approaching from and contact that frequency. It would saw on the atis which ones. Normally the Center co troller would do it but that isnt a option right now.

The ATIS frequency will tell you who to contact.

One Approach was being used as inital, meaning that that frequency is the first frequency you should contact regardless of the direction you are coming from, then they hand you off to another approach controller that will vector you to final approach

Yes. It says "Contact Approach On _. from the ___ or so.ething similar

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But it did not mention it on the ATIS

They might not put it in sometimes, sometimes they might, depends on staffing.

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Thank you :)

no problem.