Question about device switching

So I’m going to be switching from Android to iOS very soon, will I have to pay the fiver to download the app again? Or will I get it for free because I have the app?
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When switching to iOS, You’d have to make an Apple ID account meaning that if you make that (If you don’t backup old phone ) . You’d have to buy it again for that iCloud account unless you switch all the apps to the new phone.
Depending on which device.
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Thanks! I think anyways that means I’ll have to pay for it. I don’t mind paying for it, it’s only a fiver after all.

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Yea bro!

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It’s called an Apple ID. iCloud is something completely different.

@CaptainHugh you can’t transfer purchases between stores so yes you have to buy the base app again, subscriptions are with a different dedicated account so these can be transferred however.

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Apple ID** sorry @CaptainHugh

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Thank you!

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Keep in mind that if your subscription is linked to Facebook/google account, then you don’t need to rebuy your subscription. Otherwise you might have to get a new subscription on top of the base app!

Ok thanks !

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