Question about departing from 10NM airport to ATC airport

So, in Expert, IFATC are told to not accept aircraft that have departed from an airport below 50NM or so.

I do have a question,
Some airlines in Real life takeoff from an airport not too far and land at an airport 10NM out, mainly for reposition or to take over a flight in which the original aircraft can’t do.

I have seen this IRL, since Manchester is relatively close to Logan, I’ve spotted a UPS 757-200F that has flown BOS-MHT and then onto SDF.
Flights from Nashua also occur, as once there was a Gulfstream that departed ASH and landed in MHT a couple of minutes later.

Wiggins Airways, a Cargo airline based in Manchester, NH, regularly flies MHT-BOS and vice versa on their Cessna 208C’s.

My question is that would we (or in this case I) get ghosted for flying a short route that is flown In Real Life?


An example of a real life short flight

Not sure how far of a flight that is, but in I F pilots are NOT using proper inbound procedures and we deal with many many more aircraft then in real life


@anon66442947 this flight only took 16mins from Boston to Manchester. And it’s 45 miles from BOS to MHT as well

I can see, I just thought I’d ask for an opinion

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They do it just to interfere with many other aircraft that are inbound .
They will climb to 10,100 feet, and try to do 400+ Kts


I don’t mind it when it is not too busy, but if it is, then use your best judgment and don’t fly then.

I see your point. I don’t really do these short flights, but if I do, I tend to fly low to not interrupt the flow of traffic, that is if I don’t get denied in.

I don’t try to be that person, I try and fly realistically as possible

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You might wanna edit the title to airport rather than airporf

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IFATC won’t ghost for departing from an airport nearby, only if you interfere with other aircraft/ and/or don’t listen to instructions. Just be sensible, don’t fly EGLC - EGLL at peak traffic hours. Usually locals aren’t too much of an issue when an airport is quiet, but are quite the annoyance when an airspace is crowded.


You may but you need to give spacing if you do. There are flights from Philadelphia to Allentown for example which is around 60 miles distance. They give space and fly at around 5,000 feet at 240 knots. Take the flight from LGA-JFK. It could go directly there but it takes a wide path which adds essentially more than triple its distance.

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If it’s busy I’ll deny the 10nm away takeoff local yocals. If they continue inbound after multiple warnings and interfere in my busy airspace that’s when I’d ghost. Ghosting is an absolute last resort and we do everything in our power to avoid it.

If it’s not busy, the traffic is welcomed. Busy is also subjective. My definition of busy is different than someone like Trio’s, or Tom’s, or Gary’s, etc…


😂😂 …subtle

People just need to realize that if the destination is busy they might need to fly out of an airspace to be sequenced.

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