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So my Ipad storage is almost full, and I’ve considered deleting and reinstalling IF. But I’m wondering, does deleting and reinstalling save more storage? If so, will deleting and reinstalling cause a loss of my Pro Sub. ? I don’t think it will delete my IFC account. I just want to know so that I don’t have to pay another $ 80 for pro. I also don’t know if this goes in #general or #support. So please inform me if I should move this.

It won’t delete anything except your replays and downloaded liveries. Don’t worry about the subscription, nothing will happen to it.

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okay, thank you!

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Hey there @N908QD
I have done this many times before myself actually!
So it will ask you “Delete IF Pro Subscription” and you say no. Delete or “Uninstall the game.” and then re-download it and hop back into the IF Skies!

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the information!

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(So no one has actually answered if it reduces storage or not-)

It does. Replay files will take up most of the storage you have, so it should give you more storage.


You can also delete replay files in the app

If you are aiming to reduce the storage taken up by if by a large amount, the best thing you can do is reinstall.

Alternatively, you could clear the scenery cache and delete unnecessary replay files on a regular basis to prevent storage being wasted.

Also, your subscription is linked to your IF account so will not be voided if you delete the app. As you are using an Apple device it might come up with a prompt asking if you wish to keep your subscription when you delete.

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