Question about creating a VA

Hello IFC, I was wanting to make this post to ask question. If I am staff at a VA currently, but I want to create my own VA, would I be able to do that, or would I have to resign from that staff role?\



You will need to ask for a cooldown from your CEO and then you can proceed with making our VA

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As i know, u can’t be staff in two VAs in one time, also u can’t become staff in new VA, if you was staff in another less than 2 months

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Ill have to consider this, plus if I decided to it might would take close to that long just to get it setup for the IFVARB to look at. There is still a lot to go into it, for right now its just an idea that I would like to happen in the near future!

Hi, @Deakin. As per the IFVARB policies

Members may only be on staff at one VA/VO to ensure that they’re committed and can perform their duties in a satisfactory manner. This also minimizes the number of ceremonial positions granted, and to prevent incidences of staff members going AWOL when needed.

You only allowed to be a staff in one VA/VO, and if you wish to create a VA/VO or move to another VA/VO, you have to resign from your position and wait 90 days or 3 months before you can be staff at other VA/VO.

Staff members who resign from a VA/VO are barred from holding any other VA/VO staff position for 90 days after their resignation.

And if you have served three months in your current position, your CEO can recommend to the IFVARB a waiver of the cooldown requirement.

The staff member has served for THREE months or more and wishes to move to another staff position at another VA. The CEO of the VA/VO said staff member leaving can recommend to the IFVARB a waiver of the cool down requirement.

And if you resigned from your position and wish to make a VA/VO, you can apply your VA/VO after 60 days (@ mwe2187 was tell me about this).

You can see the full of IFVARB policies in here. And I recommend you to see this page too, it will help you when you creating a VA/VO. Good luck!😉

Correct me if I’m wrong.


Thank you!!

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Question answered. In the future, I recommend asking VA based questions here: