Question about creating a VA

Hello IFC. I have seen people post topics saying the American Airlines VA was down from back then. I was wondering if I am able to bring it back and create my own VA as American Airlines. Is this possible? (1) Is there any special things I need to do or have? (2) Thanks!

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I’m not sure where you saw that but American VA is alive and well 🙂


Heya. American Virtual already exists. Sorry! But you can check them out in the linked thread.

Also linked are some important links if you do try to make a VA.

Main Site:

Application Process:

Apply Here:

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Wait the American Airlines VA is still active? I just looked up “American Airlines VA” and it shows many posts saying that American Airlines VA is shut down.

Yes it is active, i’m in it currently :)

I attached the thread link above for you :)

@Aidan0629, maybe make another VA… Doesn’t look like American VA is closed. BAVA spoke to me and told me about some codeshares of American they would like to put in an event which I’m holding.

Oh ok. I didn’t even notice that it was active. How can I join it?

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Join it by applying on their thread.

EDIT: @anon41771314 already posted it, but for your reference

Hope to see you there!


Oh darn it. I am 13 and 8 months old and not 14 yet. Sorry I can’t join yet until I am older.

Ah ok, no worries :)

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