Question about Controlling Approach

Hello again,
Are there any IFATC members who have a specific method for telling whether an aircraft is within range of Approach or not?
I’m asking because I want to on-guard people if I need to start giving them instructions, but I don’t want to accidentally do this when they’re not even in range.

[EDIT: I’m soooooooooo smart; I never even thought of the hold-and-drag feature until @Chief305… :)
A mod can close this now. Thanks guys!]

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We can only on guard when they are within 50nm of the airport and under 18,000ft. Give them a few nautical miles before on guarding though if they’re not bothering anyone. :)


Ok, thanks for the help!

As for the method to telling if they’re in range or not, the drag and vector feature works wonders.


You can also just tap any aircraft not on your frequency and it will bring up a menu that includes sending a guard message. It also causes their data tag to display. You can tap on the screen to hide the menu, but the tag will remain visible until you tap elsewhere.

That should be a lot faster / easier than using drag and vector. Maybe this method doesn’t work for you, but it does work for me on tower (not qualified for approach as IFATC currently). I use it constantly.

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You’ve got some great answers; I just want to add this tutorial tip for you:


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