Question about Controlling and Flying

Hello, so I have an IFATC training session at 2:00PM EST. But I have an event to attend at 1:00PM EST. Would it be possible to fly on expert and control on training at the same time? I will have no distractions since I will be at cruise. Thanks.

I believe you cannot because IF can only be used on one device at a time.


Ok, thank you!

If it were possible I would recommend you to focus on one thing only. Good training😉👋


No. Controlling and flying simultaneously is prohibited, even if you’re at cruise. It’s for the same reason @Murilo_Heindrich provided, possible loss of focus.

Good luck with your training!

What if I told you that’s not true. 👀

If you’re on different servers, you can—for example, flying on Training Server on an iPad and flying on Expert Server on an iPhone.

I am not condoning double-device flying. As a matter of fact, I highly advise against it. I am not to be held responsible if anyone faces issues with Infinite Flight for doing so.


In the ATC manual one of the rules of controlling on expert is that “controllers must not act as a Controller and as a pilot simultaneously on separate devices, violating Infinite Flight’s Terms & Agreement”.

If it’s two separate accounts on separate devices, from what I understand, you can have a flight open and control at the same time.

Since this is a training session though I would not recommend it and apply the rule we use on expert. You should be giving your full attention to the training session. Doesn’t matter what phase of flight you are in.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I will only do one thing at a time 🙂

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